NORAZ - Northern Arizona Poets

NORAZ Poets is a nonprofit poetry organization based in Northern Arizona. It was founded in Sedona, Arizona in 2003 by poet Christopher Lane, who also serves as the organization's executive director. The group is run by a seven-member advisory board.

The group runs weekly poetry open mics, biweekly and monthly poetry slams, poetry workshops, featured poetry readings, poet in residence programs in Northern Arizona high schools, maintains a Web site with a calendar of events and several book partnerships, which sell local poets' work in Northern Arizona bookstores.

The group networks three poetry slams: MADSlam in Prescott, FlagSlam in Flagstaff and VerdeSlam Sedona, Arizona.

The group has a reputation in the national slam poetry scene for treating touring poets well with booking events, transportation to and from performances and venues, and lodging at the homes of members of the local poetry community.

Poetry organizers in Northern Arizona had sent slams teams to the National Poetry Slam since 2001, officially representing Flagstaff, although the team's members were from various parts of the region. Since 2004, the team competes in local, regional and national poetry slams under the banner Team NORAZ.

NORAZ Poets is one of the only both rural and regional poetry organizations in the United States. As such, the group mainly uses its Web site to promote events for poets and the general public.